How can our group succeed as a Circus in such a short time?

“Proper Structure -We’ve designed a core system that teaches the skills needed to succeed as a team and as a circus. Participants find that letting loose and being bold is a lot more important than executing a trick perfectly when the real goal is having fun and learning about coworkers ”


How can you be sure everyone will get equal time and attention?

“Performers are assigned to teams and given tasks at the beginning of the event. Teammates and CDS, (Cirque De Silly) facilitators will give advice, direction and encouragement every step of the way.”


How do you keep the events moving?

“Traffic control -As acts end, the next act is announced, so participants switch with spectators as new acts and props are being set. Our facilitators operate under very specific guidelines that have been designed to minimize lulls and maximize momentum before after and during the various acts and tasks.”


How do you keep the events interesting?

“Diversity -Each circus act we design is completely different from the others. Seasoned theater professionals, comedy writers and improv comedy instructors have structured our events using time tested team building formats.”


Will each participant be able to succeed at every task?

“We have a no-fail policy -Our Staff designs acts that have simple to follow instructions and are already fun. The effort of each individual participant is the only measure of their success.”


Can every participant feel safe and nurtured?

“We have safety nets -A CDS facilitator is always right there to pick up the slack. Our Ringmaster is always in character and in the ring supporting, boosting and subtly directing the participants.”


Does the event teach business lessons?

“Each of our Improv games have strong and specific business applications built in organically but our messaging is delivered in such an effortless way that participants are just caught up in the fun.”


How much time does a Cirque De Silly event take?

“We can tailor our events to your needs. We provide anything from Ice Breakers to a full day of workshops.


Are the shows appropriate for everyone?

“All of our events are corporate and family friendly. We avoid any material that is political, sexual, racial, religious or controversial in any way.”


Does everyone have to participate?

“No one is forced to participate but we encourage everyone  to join in at their own comfort level.”


Are costumes and props provided?

“We provide all of the costumes and props necessary for the participants to use in their acts.”


Can the event be tailored to a specific message or theme?

“Any of our events can be customized. Your themes, messages, products and goals can be featured in many different ways via scripting or visual elements.”


Can we present awards?

“You are more than welcome to present awards at the end of our events or if you would prefer we can do it for you.”


Would this make a good Fundraising Event?

“A Cirque De Silly Event is a natural choice for Fundraisers. Who would not want to see their friends, family, neighbors and coworkers dress up and put on a grand show just to benefit a cause close their hearts? Tie ins, including Midway games, fun food sales and photo booths can increase your profits greatly. Exciting ways to promote the event are only limited by your imagination.”



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